make: an Easter tree

Spring is in the air and Easter is only a few days away, so now is the time to make some gorgeous decorations for an Easter tree. I went on an early morning mission today to cut a little fresh blossom from the local hedgerows – remember to keep it well watered so that it lasts until Easter Sunday!

P1010988For the decorations I’ve used quails eggs and old Cotswold legbars as well as free range chicken eggs. The quails eggs have beautiful natural markings and the beauty of the legbars is that they come in lovely shades of duck egg blue and pale green so there’s no need to paint them before you decorate. 

P1010876P1010877WikiHow has some great instructions on how to blow eggs but here are some extra tips to make things easier:

  • Make sure you always wash the eggs – before and after blowing them – and wash your hands too to stop any risk of salmonella.
  • The best way way to blow the eggs is to cover up the point where you want the holes to be with a little sellotape and then make an initial hole with a dressmaking pin. The sellotape temporarily strengthens the area to prevent cracking.
  • Carefully and gradually make the holes wider with larger tools – we used a hat pin followed by a kitchen skewer.
  • Once you’ve pierced the egg, stick the hat pin in and stir the contents to break up the yoke.
  • Use a metal turkey baster to blow the eggs through. This one from Lakeland is perfect. Add the fine attachment to the end, and remove the squeezey end so that you can blow through the tube.
  • Make sure that you blow from the wide end of the egg, so that the yolk and the white comes out of the thinner end, and then wash thoroughly under the tap – this ensures that all of the egg white and yoke is removed.

There are so many ways to decorate! This year I used lots of felt cut into little flower shapes. The flowers look great on their own or layered up so that they disguise the holes. For the centres of the pink flowers I embroidered little yellow french knots and for the daisy quails eggs I cut some little daisies  and used some craft flowers to disguise the hole.

I’ve used a mixture of ribbon and bakers twine to hang the eggs – it helps not to make the loops too long so that the eggs hang well between the branches and don’t rest on the blossom below.

P1010975For another design I cut some very rough tulip shapes out of felt. By using a normal chicken egg for the pinks and a legbar for the blues, I didn’t need to paint the eggs as the felt complimented the natural colours so well. I stuck the felt directly onto the eggs with UHU and then shaded the leaves and petals with watercolour paints.

P1010997Another option is to paint or decoupage your eggs. In the past I’ve found that the more simple the design, the more effective, and using pretty images from paper napkins works perfectly for the decoupage.

For a super cute finishing touch, peg some fluffy chicks to the blossom branches and place your tree where it catches the Spring sunshine for everyone to enjoy.




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  1. Linda Burgess
    20th March 2016 / 10:05 pm

    Great web site Milly. You are so talented. Wishing you lots of success with it. Linda x

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